Voice and Data Services Ohio – Free Cost Comparison and Quotes

When it comes to managed business services, HTC Communications is the leader in helping small, medium, and large companies find a solution. 

Where do you start? How do you find a cost saving option?

How do you know you are getting the best value?

Not an expert, you don’t need to be!


The future is here!!! We, as business owners, know that time is our most valuable asset. We often skip over documents and just sign on the dotted line because time is so hard to come by. We hope that the company sales person is honest, we place our business and financial future in their hands and just hope for the best. Our family does not want you to ever have to feel this way regarding the future of your managed tech services!

HTC Communications specializes in helping companies create, manage, engineer and service their technology needs. We started to realize a few years ago that the average business owner/manager/decision maker does not have the time to teach themselves what is the newest and most efficient technologies in the business world. And even if you are aware that times are changing and you no longer have to look at your phone/internet statements as the 2nd largest expense, after payroll of course. Companies need communication paths and capital to market, grow, service and sell to their clients. We are not a bank but we are technology experts. We  have many resources and options to make your life easier and your business more efficient!

  • We provide a FREE cost analysis of your current services  – What is a Technology Cost Analysis? Simply, How effective and efficiently are you using your Tech Dollars.

  • Then, we ask about your needs – Yes, we actually care about the actual needs of your company. How amazing!

  • After we chat, we have the ability to gather over 70 provider quotes! – You read that correctly, over 70 providers! Now you know you are getting the most competitive price!  I can’t even imagine calling 5 companies, non the less 70! I wish getting commercial insurance quotes was this easy!

Anyway, we are here if you feel like spending a few minutes to save a ton of hours, headaches, and dollars!

Check-out our webpage, fill-out our contact form and we will be your Best Tech Friend! Promise!

HTC Communications, LLC

Get Wired Today!!!



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